Caution: Make sure your firearm is handled safely at all times exercise proper range safety procedures. Seek advice from a qualified firearms instructor if you have any questions about this procedure or how to handle your firearm. Each click on our windage and elevation turrets is equivalent to 1/8” at 25 yards; 1/4” at 50 yards; and 1/2″ at 100 yards. Please download our zeroing target, set it up at your chosen distance, and shoot one group. count the number of 1/4″ squares you need to move horizontally and vertically to achieve a bulls-eye and then make the appropriate adjustments. Turning the elevation turret counterclockwise will move the point of impact up. Turning the windage turret counterclockwise will move the point of impact right. Turning either turret clockwise will produce the opposite shift in point of impact. Once adjustments have been made, shoot another group. Repeat as necessary until you are satisfied with your zero. Don’t try to over rotate the turret adjustments. If adjustment begins to require more force, you have reached the adjustment limit and forcing further adjustment may damage the device.